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We are a diligent health-care service based on homeopathy stressing upon the most current and proven innovation. At Clinica Medica, our patient gets the promised health consultation led by the panel of homeopathy experts. The treatment involves various modes of operations like face to face clinic interactions, virtual consultations via video conferencing and telemedicine. We also have a provision for doorstep delivery of medicines.

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  • Homeopath Based Treatment

    Homeopath tries to understand how unique and peculiar your nature, temperament, likes and dislikes are. To understand this, they discuss your personal, family, work and social life. This leads to an effective solution for your ailments.

  • Patient Centric

    Our whole process is hygienic, comprehensive and customized. With a preventive approach we focus on the whole person and suggest measures at all ages and stages of life.

  • Regular Tracking

    Our team tracks each and every patient to monitor the effects of medication. This helps in planning the next course of treatment accordingly.

  • Walk in & video consultations

    Clinica Medica offers Live Video consultations on appointment besides the consultations at the clinics.

  • Hassle Free Appointments

    We have flexible hours and are open on certain evenings and during the weekend, to accommodate your schedule.

  • Experienced Team

    Our team brings important experience and knowledge in treatments of daily ailments as well as advance treatments of Hair and Skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Homeopathy is a type of treatment established by Samuel Hahnemann in the eighteenth century. Homeopathy depends on the hypothesis of 'dealing with like with like' and a perception that indications of an ailment are indistinguishable from those accomplished by a sound individual treated for that ailment. Homeopathic cures are delivered by weakening a functioning substance that causes comparative indications that diminish the probability of damage.

Homeopathy works! It believes that suppressing the symptoms of an illness is not the cure to that illness. High doses of antibiotics ingested for a short span of time focus on suppressing the symptoms rather than eradicating the cause. Homeopaths throughout the years have contended that concealment means that a broken piece of the ailment causing component is as yet present in the body and can create additional contaminations and illnesses. Homeopathy looks to address the reasons for any ailment by developing the human body's invulnerability and immunity.

Homeopathy influences the body’s energy rather than its chemical balance. Hence, the remedies do not cause side effects since there is no chemical trace to accumulate in the tissues. Homeopathic remedies are therefore not intrinsically dangerous. Yet, they are capable in stimulating the body’s reactive forces powerfully and should be treated with respect.

It is a myth regarding restrictions in diet like onion, garlic, perfume, paan and tobacco. These medicines have been used on patients who are habituated to coffee and betel. IT ALWAYS ACTS. But yes, certain Homoeopathic medicines when given, can be inactivated by certain substances so only in those medicines these restrictions are required and not in all the medicines.

Homeopathic remedies cure the whole as opposed to the symptoms. The time it takes to cure symptoms is dependent on the complexity of the ailment. Since the remedy works from inside out, internal disorders are the first to be cured as opposed to superficial outer symptoms. Be patient, for it is more beneficial to cure the cause of the illness as well as the symptoms, rather than simply relieve the symptoms.

As a matter of fact diagnosis is of utmost importance for a Homoeopath as the sound knowledge of disease will help him differentiate between common symptoms of disease and the individualistic symptoms of a person thus help him select the homoeopathic medicine on individualistic symptoms which is the basis of Homoeopathic prescription.

The small doses used in Homeopathic medicines make them extremely safe. Of course, it is important to know how to prescribe the medicines.

It is possible to take them together, though the Homeopathic medicines often work fast and well enough that the person does not need to take conventional drugs. Some conventional medicines, however, are so strong that they inhibit any action of the Homeopathic medicine. In such situations the individual must decide if he or she wishes to use the conventional or Homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is not exclusive and can be used along with conventional and complementary medical treatments. Certain drugs such as anti-hyper-tensive drugs for cardiac or Diabetic disorders, Schizophrenia, epilepsy or life-saving drugs need to be continued even with Homeopathic medicines.

Homoeopathic medicines are prepared in an alcohol base. The white sugar globules or pills are only a medium or vehicle for the transport of the medicine into the body. The liquid medicine is dispensed in the sugar globules that are made from lactose.

If the case demands so, the Homeopathic physician will mandate the patient to undergo blood, urine or radiation tests/medical imaging. The tests decide the state of the patient’s immunity, how the patient is going to respond to treatment, and what diet he / she should take while on the treatment.

Notion that Homeopathy works well in chronic cases is true but it works equally well in acute cases too.

The absorption of a dry dose of Homeopathic medicine administered because they leave a strong odour/taste in the mouth) or drink (other than water) (especially stimulants like coffee) at least 15 minutes before or after every dose of Homeopathic medicine. Sublingually by placing it under the tongue occurs by mucous membranes. To maximize absorption and oral bioavailability, it is advised not to take food (especially strong-tasting and strong-smelling such as onion and garlic).

It is a myth. It does not happen to all cases. But if medicine is repeated more than the need, or the potency chosen is higher than required by the patient then there is a medicinal aggravation or increase in the complaints, but these symptoms would subside on its own as soon as that medicine is withdrawn and the right potency medicine is to be administered for getting the curative action.

This myth is popular, because most of the people approach a Homoeopath after they have tried all treatments and by that time their acute complaints have become chronic. Homeopathy is, in fact, FAST AND RAPID IN ACTION in conditions like acute infections, fever, diarrhoea, etc. while in cases of chronic diseases as the disease has been there for a long time it does take time to cure but recognizable improvement starts within two to three weeks’ time.

Homeopathy has proved its efficacy for the treatment of structural pathology. Numerous documented cases where the reversal of the structural pathology has taken place indicating the depth of Homeopathy action. Clinical studies on diseases like Hepatitis, Renal Calculi, Cancer, Tumours, Fibroids, Polyps have shown improvement with Homoeopathic medicines.

Scientific double blind studies have indicated that Homeopathy is far above the placebo effect. The effect of Homoeopathic medicine has been observed during clinical trials carried out for various diseases. Recognized Homoeopathic institutions are carrying out these clinical trials. There is a regulating body, the Central Council of Research in Homeopathy, which monitors these research works and keeps record of these trials with scientific evidences.

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